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Opportunity is visible in reports

Premise: As per the business requirement all internal users should see all the accounts, but they should NOT be able to see all the opportunities. The only opportunities they should be able to see is ...
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Strange Behaviour in Production with deletion of AccountShare record with Row Cause as Manual

As per documentation. If a user transfers ownership of a record, Salesforce deletes any manual shares created by the original record owner, which can cause users to lose access. When account ...
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RowCase is manual but still can't delete account share

This code here fails: List<AccountShare> existingShares = [SELECT Id FROM AccountShare WHERE RowCause = 'Manual' ...
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Manual account sharing with all users

my Sharing Settings for Account is private. However I want to have some Accounts shared to everybody. I could create one record of AccountShare for each user but I know that's not the best solution: 1 ...
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How can I match ID and fullName of AccountShare?

Querying AccountShare When I query for an AccountShare, I get some interesting stuff, including an ID but no name, label or fullname : SELECT ID, RowCause, UserOrGroupId, AccountAccessLevel, ...
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AccountShare delete issue

I'm trying to delete all AccountShare records, but getting the below error: SHARE_NEEDED_FOR_CHILD_OWNER, account share row needed for owner or share of at least I tried adding order by inside my ...
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AccountShare UserOrGroup.Type returning weird results

I was wondering if someone could explain this to me. I am currently working in an org with Territory Management (1.0) enabled and I am trying running queries but getting weird results. When I run a ...
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Problem during Account Owner change and Accountshare record creation by the Community user using process builder and flow

We are implementing Communities in our project and as part of its functionality, the community user submits a form and as a result of this submission: An Account record needs to be created Account ...
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Invalid type: Schema.AccountShare.RowCause

I'd like to either return type Schema.AccountShare.RowCause like this: private static Schema.AccountShare.RowCause getRowCause(String rowCause) { // TODO: add switch statement return Schema....
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