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lightning-tab not receiving focus when page is loaded

We have a page on experience cloud. We have two tabs and used lightning-tab inside lightning-tabset for this. We have tried to provide the focus by using focus event as follows - this.template....
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Where can I set in Salesforce the PlatformEventSubscriberConfig fields that are accessible (or not) to my Profiles?

It's my first time dealing with PlatformEventSubscriberConfig in our project (and I'm very new to Salesforce, still a 6-month newbie). We have 2 orgs and I noticed that when I query in UAT (Developer ...
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Label not being read by screen reader for lightning input field

I'm using a lightning-input-field as a lookup with a custom label. The custom label displays properly and replace the label associated with the field. My issue is that I want the screen reader to read ...
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Override the label and helptext for a lightning-input-field

I have a lightning-record-edit-form with lightning-input-field components inside. I don't want to display the standard field label because the 40 character constraint is too much. Instead, I've ...
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User Accessibility on Field Via Apex Code (Not for Logged In user ) [closed]

Anyone knows how to check in apex if the user has access to the 'OwnerId' field of any selected object. The user could be any and not only a logged-in user.
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How can we make a flexipage accessible across packages/apps

I have a flexipage in one package, with sobjecttype as O1, this flexipage is available in app A. The flexipage is as follows : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <FlexiPage xmlns="http://...
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Equivalence of Visualforce/HTML "title" attribute for mouseover text in aura datatable component

I have my Aura (yes, I know it's not as cool as LWC) component displaying a datatable. It works great, but I want to have the full text of the field show when I hover over a cell. I can do this in ...
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