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How can I abort all of bulk job at a time

I have a lot of jobs open in Setup -> Bulk Data Load Jobs. How can I abort them all of them at a time.
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How to abort a scheduled job that is 'blocked'

We have an Apex class that automatically schedule a Job to be run 10 min after the request is done. In some cases, this job doesn't run at all and since we cannot schedule another job (business ...
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Deleting a scheduled Apex job

I have a scheduled job name with which I can query the same by using this: SELECT Id, CronExpression, OwnerId, State, TimesTriggered, CronJobDetail.Name, CronJobDetail.Id, CronJobDetail....
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Q&A: Are there problems using System.abortJob() in Test Methods to Avoid Depth Max Governor Limit

Been posting here a bit around the ideas of Queueable Chains and test Methods. All of you have been very helpful. I had one last piece I ran into during deployment that I had to fix. The code snippet ...
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Job does not exist or is already aborted when I am trying to kill a job id

private void reschedule(CronTrigger cronTrigger, ISchedulable schedulable, MySchedulableContext context) { System.abortJob(cronTrigger.Id); String newTrigger = schedulable....
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System.UnexpectedException: Metadata.Operations.enqueueDeployment: Salesforce System Error: 1393463776-817 (799279837) (799279837)

I have some code which updates a Custom Metadata setting, something like this: public void clearValue() { Metadata.CustomMetadata customMetadata = createCustomMetadata(); customMetadata.values....