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Salesforce API login limit issue [duplicate]

Our org is hitting total API limit per 24 hour. After reviewing the login event report, we found one of the external application is trying to access salesforce using username , password + security ...
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JWT bearer token flow in web app

I am building a web app, which should allow my app users to fetch their Salesforce data for analysis. For this, I am using OAUTH2.0 web server flow. TO avoid refresh_token related complexities, I am ...
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invalid_grant: expired access/refresh token [closed]

I'm facing a issue and I can't figure out how to fixed it. This month (2021, June) started with a issue, the access token of several clients aren't refreshing, request is getting 400 Bad Request ...
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(400) Bad Request when attempting to use refresh tokens

Our application interacts with our clients' Salesforce instances using the REST API and refresh tokens we have stored on our database. Every API request will use that refresh token to get an access ...
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Authenticated Lightning Out with another Salesforce Org

Immediate Question: Is there a way to use authenticated Lightning Out with another Salesforce Org? We've currently got two Salesforce Orgs: Org A and Org B In Org A, we've created a flow that allows ...
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Connected App for API & Canvas App Settings seem to contradict each other

We're trying to use the same connected app (using Web Server flow) for two purposes: 1) Allow API calls to Salesforce via an external website and 2) Use Canvas App to embed that external website into ...
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REST API Authentication for server process

We have a process creating Salesforce leads. The process is server-side and automatic. As a result there isn't a Salesforce user nor a browser for traditional OAuth. What is the most appropriate ...
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Is it possible to determine the reason an oauth/access token was revoked or expired?

We're using a 3rd party webform tool (FormTitan) that pushes data into Salesforce using an oauth connection. The connection was reset unexpectedly which caused the form to start failing. The message ...
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211 views Rest API checking refresh_token if still valid or not

I am currently developing who requesting a rest api from salesforce. I am successfully getting a refresh_token as a response of my authorization with php curl. I want to know if is there any way to ...
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Refreshing Access Token generated unexpected 'invalid_grant: expired access/refresh token'

When I authenticated using oAuth, I received an access token and a refresh token, with which I am able to query data from Salesforce. The access token is working correctly, but once it expires, I ...
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Unable to reliably obtain refresh tokens and expiration times for different customers [closed]

We have a product that allows our customers to do a basic integration with Salesforce. This integration allows them to track time in our software against Tasks and Opportunities in their Salesforce ...
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