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Is there a way to use JavaScript on Home Page Components? [duplicate]

We can see that the support for JavaScript on home page components is being phased out as described here:
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Injecting Javascript into Standard Page [duplicate]

I have a standard page that i have been injecting javascript into. It is using requirescript to require static resources in salesforce. This saturday we updated to salesforce 16 and it has stopped ...
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Hide Chatter in Home Page after Summer 15 [duplicate]

Salesforce is phasing out the use of arbitrary HTML on Home Page Components. I have used CSS or JS solutions to hide the Chatter Feed from within a HTML Home Page Component. This allows a more ...
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Custom javascript is not allowed to run on Salesforce DOM [duplicate]

Recently i have created an app which uses custom JavaScript in sidebar home page component using custom links, The app works perfectly and i also uploaded it to appexchange as managed released package ...
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What is the best way to add custom JavaScript to the standard Create/Edit/Details pages like Contacts, Accounts etc [duplicate]

I need to add some JS to some salesforce standard edit pages to allow us to add functionality to aid in data entry. I would like to do it the "correct" way and my salesforce knowledge isn't great. I ...
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Hide custom button in Standard Pagelayout [duplicate]

I know that we can hide the standard page button using HTML area home page component. But as per summer 14 release, unsupported html, javascript functions will be disabled from summer 15 and old ...
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Why do we still need to hack the Sidebar? Usecases - Workarounds - Alternatives

Since it seems to me, that a lot of people still need sidebar workarounds, I would be interested to learn about the use-cases, experienced challenges and (most important) possible strategies to avoid ...
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Is it possible to remove/hide the "New" button?

When you click on the Opportunities tab, (assuming you haven't modified standard salesforce layout), you see a "Recent Opportunities" list. At the top of the list, there is a "New" button. Is there ...
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Multiselect Picklists with many values

Note: Though this is still of use in extreme cases, the limit on multi-select picklist values has been raised to 500 values in Winter '16. Also, the Global Picklists feature, which is currently (...
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How to override the "Send an Email" button on the Case object - Emails related list

On the Case object page, there is an Emails related list which has a Send an Email button taking the user to another page to fill in the email. I haven't been able to find a way to override the ...
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Requirescript change in Winter '16 release

As per release winter 16 release notes: In summer 15 release salesforce disabled JavaScript hacks ...
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Automatically resize Inline visualforce components on standard pagelayout?

Is there a way to automatically resize the inline visualforce components on standard page layout based on the content of the visualforce page. Update Has anyone used this app or link to implement ...
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How to use a Visualforce page as a Component Lightning Community page?

As described here Visualforce pages can be added as Components in the Lightning App Builder: I have a slightly ...
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Is there any way to have a formula field displayed on Standard Edit Page Layout?

I use a Standard Page Layout (Account, Contact etc). I use standard page edit view to edit and update object (like this) On Standard Display View Layout I use Formula field to display Location (as ...
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Prompt before saving record

I have a requirement where if a Case is saved without a value in a field, the page needs to prompt the user if they are sure they want to save. This would need to be on a standard page layout. I was ...
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