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Identify login from mobile or desktop [duplicate]

In a salesforce application we have a requirement to invoke the visual force pages based on the user is logged in from mobile or desktop. How can I identify if a user is logged in from mobile or ...
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How to detect if a user is in Salesforce1 vs Lightning Desktop

Has anyone figured out a way to differentiate between Lightning Desktop and Salesforce1? There are mechanisms to detect if a user is using Lightning Desktop / Salesforce1 vs Salesforce Classic (Aloha)...
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Can we diffentiate if a VF page is being opened on a Tablet or on a Phone device, while viewing the page in Salesforce1?

Can we detect in Apex or Visualforce whether the page is being opened in on a Phone or a Tablet device? I'm looking to render VF page conditionally if it is viewed on Tablet or if it is viewed on a ...
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Lightning Experience gets 'stripped' when redirecting from Visualforce page

I`m struggling to fix an issue which arise with the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. So, I have a Visualforce page which is assigned to the Edit functionality of Accounts. In Salesforce Classic ...
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Salesforce1-Desktop Visualforce Pattern

Background I'm facing the challenge to adapt many VF pages already built to S1. After a long research I realised that there are many options to transforme a VF Page to be S1 compatible. I ...
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Salesforce1 edit override results in Blank Page

There is an edit override on Opportunities in our Salesforce org, so I created a publisher action on opportunity with a VF page in the background. This VF page redirects to standard edit page. When I ...
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Disable Validation rule in Salesforce1

Is there a way through which I can disable a validation rule in Salesforce1 (User logging in from iPhone) but it should be activated while user logs in from laptop.
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How to remove custom image buttons from Salesforce1 page layouts

I have built some customized image buttons (formula fields) in Salesforce that work great on the desktop but do not work at all on Salesforce1 and are not necessary anyway. Can certain fields be ...
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How to Detect Salesforce app is being accessed from a desktop or a sf1 app?

I need to write a javascript function ,or any event to detect whether the salesforce app is being accessed from a desktop or sf1 app can you help me on this ?
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Making visualforce aware if it is being viewed on Salesforce1

I want my page to be aware if it is being viewed through the salesforce1 app or through a browser... What is the best way to do this through visualforce markup?
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