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How to send wrapped generic SObjects from Lightning to Apex

I have a lightning component with an apex controller that wraps generic records in an inner class. When I send the wrapped records to apex and receive them as generic SObjects, I get this error ...
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Is it possible to create a lightning event series in Apex?

It says that IsRecurrence2 and its related fields (Recurrence2PatternText, Recurrence2PatternVersion) are read only, but have to get set on initial event creation. When attempting to set them on a new ...
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RestResource HttpPost - 401 Unauthorized - INVALID_SESSION_ID

I am attempting to call a RestResource HttpPost method, but receive an INVALID_SESSION_ID response. [{"message":"Session expired or invalid","errorCode":"INVALID_SESSION_ID"}] Apex Code (version 43):...
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Object into JSON format

I need to create a JSON with information about Contacts of an Account, in order to send it to an webservice. The thing is I can't find a way to create this JSON when a Account has more than a single ...
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pass Map as parametre from lwc to apex

I try to pass a map from my lwc to my Apex controller after when i click in button every time I get null Attempt to de-reference a null object Do you have suggestions ? where i was wrong if I want ...
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JSON content display : Attempt to de-reference a null object

I am trying to display content from a JSON feed on my Salesforce page using APEX/visualforce page. From information gathered, I am able to get the details of the JSON on variable. But when running the ...
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How to parse Json response and insert Record in apex? [duplicate]

I need to read the json response(response will be for one record) from Rest API and need to insert record in salesforce. I tried using below, but unable to get fields. Json response: "Vehicle":[ { ...
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Json to Json Help [closed]

I have this format to Read a Json and get the values on it: public class Assets { public String accountNumber {get;set;} public Integer deposit {get;set;} public String description {get;...
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Deserializing/Parsing the JSON response to an Apex class

am trying to parse the below JSON request to Apex class. The challenge here is that one of the node "match" in the JSON is suppose to be an array but the external system sends it as a String. I would ...
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how to read this dynamic JSON

We used to deserialize the JSON when we know the object type . but this JSON is dynamic and I have to get the object name,fieldname and its values and store it in any collection where I can reuse it ...
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How to pass a JQuery array to Apex controller

I want to jq array in controller class to fetch all data and based on data create multiple data. to make this happen i tried this logic but m not able to convert string to list can anyone plzz ...
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Issue executing references in separate JSON2Apex class

I'm running into obscure issues while executing my Apex code that calls references from a separate JSON2Apex class and I can't figure out where I went wrong. JSON2Apex class: public virtual class ...
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how to pass deseralize Json into Other methods [closed]

Got confuse about JSON deseralization value is passing to other methods . Please check my question below. How to pass deseralized Json into other method,This is my deseralized Json Apex Class: ...
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