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Deployin Profiles in Salesforce [duplicate]

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Profiles deployment & Ant [duplicate]

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Can we deploy PROFILES alone from one sandbox to another?

Can we deploy only profiles from one sandbox to another? Thanks
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How to migrate profile settings from one developer org to another developer org?

We have several developer orgs that are created for developers on our team. They are all developer editions and are independent from each other other than deployments through Jenkins. We have ...
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Need Package.xml for profile Deployment

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System Administrator profile does not have rights to some new custom fields

We recently added many new custom fields to custom objects within our package. When I deployed the new objects from Eclipse to a target org (for the purpose of packaging) I noticed that the System ...
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Deploying Profiles from one sandbox to another sandbox using ANT Tool or any other tools [duplicate]

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Deploying Profile with new class access using ANT

I need to deploy a new class with profile access. Is it fine to include only that class in the profile metadata while deploying and it wont override the existing access or Do we need to consider all ...
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Is it a must to have the source profile in target organisation prior to deployment

I deployed number of profiles to a new sandbox environment via a change-set, but what I can see is, all of the profiles I added to the change-set are NOT deployed properly, (most of the profiles are ...
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Salesforce Data Migration

I need to push data from one salesforce org to another salesforce org. I have faced a problem while doing this. I used Jitterbit Harmony to migrate data between orgs. I downloaded and installed ...
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