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LWC - Debugging using devtools [duplicate]

I am new to writing LWC's. I am good with APEX and Visualforce but I am trying to debug Javascript. More specifically right now i am trying to Trouble Shoot Quick Actions that is a LWC. I seen that ...
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How to find invalid lightning code before it causes an error? [duplicate]

Why this is not a duplicate: This question is different than How do I debug my lightning component? My issue was caused by a missing attribute on a Lightning component. It would be nice to see some ...
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How to debug static resource with chrome dev tools? [duplicate]

I am using a lightning web component that loads a JavaScript static resource. I have loaded the static resource with loadScript. How do I find this static resource in chrome dev tools to debug it? I ...
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How do I start to debug my own Apex code?

Sometimes questions are posted here that would best be answered by helping the questioner learn how to do their own debugging. (Remember that proverb?) I'd like to have something to link to on this ...
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How do I start to debug my own Visualforce/JavaScript?

This question is intended to complement How do I start to debug my own Apex code? as sometimes questions are asked here that could most easily sorted out by the questioner using their browser's "...
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Lightning Component Best Practices

Inspired from this question General trigger bulkification - best practices I wanted to ask what are the best practices when it comes to lightning components development?
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What is the best way to debug Lightning Components (used in the Community Builder)?

I have a lightning component elfTest1 used on a page elf. The page itself is used as internal URL in the community builder wired via the menu. Now in case of a JavaScript error in elfTest1Controller....
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Trouble with component.set not working [closed]

I'm trying to dynamically insert data into a component. I'm not sure if I'm using component.set correctly? Here's what I have afterRender: function (component, helper) { this.superAfterRender()...
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Add query-steps js library to a lightning component

I am trying to add jquery-steps javascript library in my lightning component. But obviously it is not loaded. This is the code I've used: <ltng:require styles="/resource/jquerystepcss" ...
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Typecast/Assign data from event.detail or to Salesforce custom object

I am trying to pass Salesforce object record to imperatively called apex method. Javascript method is being called from onsubmit of record-edit-from, which in turn calls apex method. But assignment ...
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Javascript doesn't send value to server

I am not getting server side values in my javascript. Markup <aura:component controller="ContactListController"> <aura:attribute name="contacts" type="Contact[]"/> <aura:...
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