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I have no idea how to write a test class for an invocable class that I am using to reject all the adjustment records whose status field is updated as Rejected using Process Builder. I have created ...
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Any good blogs/books or roadmap to learn Development in salesforce? [duplicate]

Can someone help me learning Salesforce development with good recommendation of blogs or books. Thanks
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Salesforce beginner: How to start [duplicate]

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Can I make an web application by using Salesforce? [duplicate]

I am SalesForce beginner and trying to make an web application to manage projects. I don't know where to start, what materials to make it.
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How to start up with Lightning Enabled VF page or Lightning components [duplicate]

I don't have any experience in Lightning so far, currently we have a Challenge to Develop a new VF page to replace a page in Console. It seems to be Lightning type of page. Please find the image below....
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is there a basic custom application with Apex classes and a few visualforce pages to get started? [duplicate]

I am looking to jump-start custom application development for salesforce. I am hoping that there is a skeletal apex application (similar to basic hello world web apps for j2ee or node.js platform) ...
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Where to Start with Salesforce? [duplicate]

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Beginner: how to start [closed]

I am a beginner in Salesforce. Do you have some informations to learn as much as possible in a short time? Edoardo
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Transform Process Builder to class Apex

i have a Process Builder and i want to transform this class in process builder. Who can help me ? i don't know how to start... I actually learn salesforce and apex. I have Object : Task he start ...
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