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what is the maximum salesforce id length [duplicate]

what is the maximum salesforce id length? I have to communicate it to another system that has to create an ad hoc field
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Are salesforce record ids generated lexicographically ? [duplicate]

I am planning to store the records in a particular object in an HBase table. I want to know if a new record Id is created lexicographically.
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Hyperlinking a Record in Lightning:datatable [duplicate]

Having an issue with just one small part of this answer someone gave on how to Hyperlink to records in Lightning Data Table my question is what is the second ID (the one with key value of "Id&...
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SOQL where clause use 15-character ID?

Can anyone confirm this: in a SOQL Where clause, when comparing an ID field to a 15-character string variable, the comparison works. I didn't expect it to work, but it does and I am surprised. I can'...
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How to get an 18 digit ID from 15 digit ID using SOQL

I have a 15 digit Sfdc ID, but I do not know which object it belongs to. How can I find out which objects it belongs to and the convert it to 18 digits - all using SOQL? P.S. I was annoyed at having ...
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Differentiate Production/Sandbox Instance?

I know it is fairly straightforward in Apex to determine if the Salesforce instance is production org or a Sandbox org, but I wonder if the same is possible via formula? I have also read What are ...
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Creating a link using an 18 character ID

I have an 18 character SFDC ID. I was under the impression that I should be able to create a link to that record using the following pattern: https://<org server><id> For ...
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Converting the Salesforce Pod Id to ServerUrl/Name

Given a Salesforce Org Id, how can I determine the name and serverUrl to use with APIs?* For example, given the Org Id 00DE00001234ooT I can get the Pod/Server identifier from the first character ...
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Map<Id,Id> versus Map<String,String>

Looking at legacy code. The developer is loading Account.ID and a Lookup field value. I would think the best map would be Map<Id,Id> but this was coded as Map<string,string>. The value ...
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What are the Salesforce Pod ID to instance mappings?

As per What are Salesforce ID's composed of?, the 4th and 5th character of a Salesforce ID can be used to identify which pod/server the record was created on. Note that due to events like pod ...
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Distance between Salesforce ID indicates activity of other tenants

Question Does the distance between two Salesforce IDs indicate how many records have been created by other orgs? Approach Assuming I create a scheduled job that creates an Account periodically. The ...
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Why does 18-character ID casing matter in a SOQL WHERE clause?

When an ID value is upper-case the expected rows are returned in a SOQL query. However, when using a lower-case ID in the where clause, zero rows are returned. It also doesn't matter if it's a ...
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Can we query the info from "Data Management -> Storage Usage" through SOAP API?

Can we query the info from "Data Management -> Storage Usage" through SOAP API? If so how? Actually, I need the count of records in all the objects in the org, and the size. (Also would like to know ...
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Case.Thread_Id, is Thread_Id a field on Case object?

Case.Thread_Id When is Thread_Id value generated? I tried accessing it through SOQL and Apex and SFDC complains and throws error. How do I access Thread_Id in apex?
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What is the value of the first and final record id for an object?

For example, Account IDs have prefix 001 and have 15 alphanumeric digits. What are the values for the first and last records that can be represented in this format (as we understand Salesforce IDs ...
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