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Using try, catch and finally in test class (dreamhouseapp)

In the test classes of the DreamHouse Sample app all the functions have the following structure: static testMethod void testSomething() { Boolean success = true; try { ... } catch (...
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Test coverage on controller were all functions return null or void

I've only written a few test classes. Each time I've achieved 100%, it involved functions that took args and returned some type of value. How do I test a controller with functions that do not have ...
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How to write a try catch for Rest Api

How do I catch an error if the insert goes wrong in my rest API or is this not needed since I get an API respone? @HttpPost global static ID createInvoice ( String customerId, ...
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How to cover a catch statement in a test class?

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What can be achieved with Finalizers that was not achievable before?

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Error: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

I'm getting these Errors NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object. and the line are: Class.LeadConvertUtil.convertLead: line 30, column 1 Class.Test_LeadConvertUtil....
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Http send is not working with encoded url parameters

I created one class to make http callout to ftp server.I am using Http mock for test class.Sometimes ftp folders are created with space and it is required to encode the file and folder name in ftp url....
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How to see swallowing (if) any error messages - unable to save the record!

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how to cover this catch in my batch?

for (APC_I_c rAPC : scope) { rAPC.Error__c = null; rAPC.Type_of_Error__c = null; rAPC.Status__c = 'Processed'; if(rAPC.APC_ID_Account_RCS__c != null){ ...
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Try Catch Only Reading First Line

I am writing a try catch in my constructor but can not get past the first query of crs. Is there a limit on how many queries you can do in a try catch? What would the reason be for not allowing the ...
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