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How to create a HTTP Request with multiple values in form-data as body [duplicate]

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blob is not a valid utf-8 string error [duplicate]

String body = '' + documentList[0].VersionData+ ''; system.debug('body---'+body); HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest(); req.setBody(body); req.setHeader('Content-Type','multipart/form-data; boundary='+...
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How to send an image to third party when the content type is multipart/form-data ? How to add two parameters while sending a request? [duplicate]

I have to send an images to third party system and content type provided is multipart/formdata and I have to add two parameters in it. and then want to send the request. How to send 2 parameters in it ...
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Constructing a multipart/form-data request for transmitting a PDF to an external service [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a POST request to this specific endpoint from Apex to include what is required; a task Id and a single file. It has been very difficult. At first, Bad Request responses was all I ...
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Send multiple Content Document in a rest api in salesforce [duplicate]

I am sending related attachments from an email message to an external api but the files arrive damaged. I have tried with other files from other sources but it doesn't work in salesforce. Here is the ...
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how to create multipart/form-data callout from apex along with few more fields to send [duplicate]

We are doing freskdesk integration and want to do this callout - add Note to ticket This integration require multipart-form data request type. Checked many blogs and stackover flow question-answer but ...
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How to sent ContentVersion's VersionData through API? [duplicate]

I am trying to send a pdf file attached to a record of custom object to an external system. I am using ContentDocumentLink and ContentVersion to get the file in apex and make a api call. File is ...
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Send Blob file via Apex Rest Callout

I'm trying to send a Blob Apex REST callout and it is keep failing. I tried all the examples in the web but didn't work. What is the standard and correct way to send Blob data via REST callouts? //...
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How to upload an image as a binary file via the Linkedin API v2 with a 'POST' request

I want to know how to make a proper 'POST' request to upload an image as a binary file to Linkedin via their API. This is what they say in their documentation (
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Compose a multipart/form-data request from apex without base64 encode

May you have already tryed this solution, that use base64 May base64 encoded request work for you, but sometimes add some blank spaces in your params or params values is not a option, that is my case. ...
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Error received: {"document":["The submitted data was not a file. Check the encoding type on the form."],"status_code":400}

I'm trying to do a POST call to SBA from Salesforce that involves uploading a file. The call asks for 4 parameters in the form of JSON. As I have tested, 3 of the 4 JSON fields are passing ...
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Attachment downloaded as type file

I have below code to add content document versionData into standard attachment. Map<Id, Blob> bodyContent = new Map<Id, Blob>(); List<ContentVersion> contentDocs = [SELECT ...
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Adding Files to FormData isnt working with solutions provided

I was having trouble adding Files to a formdata and my question (How to add a file to a formdata for an api in apex) was closed because there were other solutions that should work. I've tried Compose ...
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/metadata/deployRequest API deployment status: No package.xml found

I'm trying to deploy an Apex Class using Postman and the /metadata/deployRequest API. I get a 201 response, but when I check the deployment status, I see the error "No package.xml found". ...
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