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Error occurred while trying to create a custom object using SalesForce SOAP API [duplicate]

HAVE A SMALL REQUIREMENT am trying to create a custom object using salesforce rest api is my code req=new Httprequest(); req.setEndpoint('
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Using Meta data api in apex

i know if u have to create a field in apex then u have to call meta data api of salesforce.i found only this link for implementation is there any other ...
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Create a list view filter via apex

Create a list view filter via apex for a custom object that would then be available to all users. Is this even possible ? and if so please provide a code example Thanks
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How can I get list of all workflow rules using apex?

How can I get list of all workflow rules using apex? I want to retrieve names of all workflow rules using apex code.
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How to delete list view from metadata?

We have a requirement where we have to delete list views. So I thought we could do something like this (this is similar to the create example mentioned here): HTTP h = new HTTP(); HTTPRequest req = ...
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How to manage "Named Credential" with APEX

i am using "Named Credential" in my code as below: HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest(); req.setEndpoint('callout:testSite'); req.setMethod('GET'); Http http = new Http(); HTTPResponse res = http.send(...
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Can I call salesforce metadata api from apex code?

We have a requirement were all customer orgs should get approval process. So we are planing to create a post installation script and use salesforce meta data api to create a approval process. Is my ...
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Must specify a {}type during creating Approval process using metadata API

I am trying to create Approval process using Metadata API but unable to figure out what i am missing. One doubt is XML don't have any symbol why which me or Salesforce could identify on which object ...
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How to Update Logo of Managed Package App?

I have, in past, released a Managed Package with an App with a custom Logo file (which is a Document record part of the managed package) . Today I've been trying to update the Logo in my Package ...
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Dynamic values in standard picklist

Is it possible to create dynamic values for a picklist from a standard picklist option and not in a VF page ? eg: I want to create a field Close Date as a picklist with Q1/Y1, Q2/Y1, Q3/Y1, Q4/Y1, ...
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Access Shared Activities Setting from Apex code

I'm relative new to salesforce, and a want to know if it's a way to access to Activity Settings values from Apex code, as specified in Metadata API, I know it's not natively possible to call Metadata ...
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Can a Web Tab's url be get and set from Apex or the REST Api?

I would like to modify the url of my Web Tab for each SF organization that my managed package is installed on. Is there a way to get and set the url of a Web Tab from Apex or the REST Api? Is there a ...
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