I have a formula field that orders a particular field values. Example: A field for employees profession, for each profession there is an equivalent number value like, "IT = 1, Doctor = 2". I'm using this to sort the objects records by Profession Order.

Here is the code we are using:

Map<Id,Map<Id,decimal>> personTotalHoursMap = new Map<Id,Map<Id,decimal>>();
    List<AggregateResult> timeSheetsAggResult
    = [SELECT SUM(Hours__c) TotalHours, Person_Object__c, Opportunity__c
        FROM Time_Sheets__c
        GROUP BY Opportunity__c, Person_Object__c];
    for(AggregateResult personAggResult : timeSheetsAggResult)
        Id oppId = (Id)personAggResult .get('Opportunity__c');
        Id pOId= (Id)personAggResult .get('Person_Object__c');
        decimal totalHours = 0;
        if(personAggResult.get('Hours') != null)
            totalHours = (decimal)personAggResult.get('TotalHours');

        //Omitted some codes...


I want to sort this using the Person_Object__r.Profession_Order__c. How do I do that?


ORDER BY Clause can be used to sort by field. But the same field needs to be aggregated as well. Like below:

    [SELECT SUM(Hours__c) TotalHours, Person_Object__c, Opportunity__c, Person_Object__r.Profession_Order__c
            FROM Time_Sheets__c
                 GROUP BY Opportunity__c, Person_Object__c, Person_Object__r.Profession_Order__c 
                          ORDER BY Person_Object__r.Profession_Order__c ASC]
  • I tried this but there was an error when I loaded the page: System.UnexpectedException: field 'Profession_Order__c' can not be grouped in a query call – rpm07 Nov 19 '15 at 2:25
  • whats the data type of Profession_Order__c? – Mohith Shrivastava Nov 19 '15 at 3:00
  • it is a formula field and we are using CASE function to return what number is the string for profession. – rpm07 Nov 19 '15 at 3:12
  • thats the problem .Formula field cannot be used in GROUP BY .... – Mohith Shrivastava Nov 19 '15 at 3:14
  • How many options do you have in Profession_Order__c? if the number of options is less, you can use a map and a for loop. The query needs to be outside the for loop so you dont hit SOQL limits. – Shruthi Nov 19 '15 at 4:05

The problem here is you are using formula field in GROUPBY clause which causes the error .

Create a workflow to populate the same result on your record and use that field in aggregation instead .

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