By standard objects I mean Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Leads, Products, Solutions, blah blah blah...

There are more than 30 of them come with Developer Edition (not sure about other editions). By their names I can understand most literally. But when they come together I don't know what to use and when to use... And how can one object turns to another under certain condition, etc.

I think this needs Sales Knowledge more or less. However is there any guideline or documents I can read about it?



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You can take a look at the ERDs for standard Salesforce objects. They are broken down into smaller, functional areas to make it easier to understand.

For example, here's the Products and Schedules Objects ERD which focuses in on Quotes, Opportunities, and Products: enter image description here

For the purposes of learning how Salesforce CRM works, please see this question.


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