Any one can help me how to cover the commented lines?
    Between the commented lines of code is not covered...

Apex class:
    public with sharing class Hoursprojectpopupcls{
    public boolean ccRequst{get;set;}
    public musqot__Costcentre__c ccRec{get;set;}
    public Hoursprojectpopupcls(ApexPages.StandardController controller) { 
            hrs = new Allocation_resources__c ();

    public void ccUserRec(){
    string sObjName =Id.valueof(ccId).getSObjectType().getDescribe().getName();
    ccRec=[SELECT Id,  owner.name, OwnerId, Name 
                           FROM  Costcentre__c 
                           where Id =:ccId];
                    if(ccRec.OwnerId== UserInfo.getUserId()){                                      

    Apex test class:
    public class HoursprojectpopupclsTest{
        static testMethod void Hoursprojectpopup(){
          Costcentre__c objCC=new Costcentre__c(); 
          objCC.Headline__c ='present';
          insert objCC;
          System.assertEquals('test', objCC.name);
          ApexPages.StandardController sc = new ApexPages.standardController(objCC);
            Hoursprojectpopupcls hrsprojpopup = new Hoursprojectpopupcls(sc);
          hrsprojpopup .ccUserRec();

2 possible answers:

  1. You are passing a record of object type of Costcentre__c from the test class but in the function you are checking with 'musqot__Costcentre__c'.

  2. In the test class, the line objCC.cc_Owner__c=u2.id; is setting some field value, I hope this doesnt affect the standard OwnerId field of the record. Plus create 2 records with different OwnerId and call the function twice to cover the inner if else conditions(ccRec.OwnerId== UserInfo.getUserId())

Add this in your test class.

User otherOwner = [SELECT Id from User where isActive = true and Id != :UserInfo.getUserId() LIMIT 1]; //This will give you another active user other than you.
    //Now when creating records in test class, 
    Costcentre__c objCC=new Costcentre__c(); 
              objCC.Headline__c ='present';
              objCC.OwnerId = UserInfo.getUserId(); // you are the owner
              insert objCC;
    Costcentre__c objCC2=new Costcentre__c(); 
              objCC2.Headline__c ='present';
              objCC2.OwnerId = otherOwner.Id// Other user is the owner.
              insert objCC2;

Then call the function twice with 2 different CC records just created.

  • cc_Owner__c filed is lookup to user object.
    – fsales572
    Nov 18 '15 at 9:35
  • That's I can see from your code. Did you check the 1st point? Try replacing musqot__Costcentre__c with only Costcentre__c Nov 18 '15 at 9:36
  • can you suggest me how to create 2 records with different ownerid's?
    – fsales572
    Nov 18 '15 at 10:12
  • I have updated my code. Nov 18 '15 at 10:18
  • Dont forget to mark your test class SeeAllData=true like this. @isTest(SeeAllData=true) Nov 18 '15 at 10:22

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