I have a JavaScript remoting method that gets a List of custom objects with date. In my JavaScript method, I loop through the above list of objects and print them in a table. For Date__c though I get values such as: 1427068800000, 1427241600000, 1426550400000 & so on.

Is there a way to format all dates in the above list in MM/dd/yyyy format? Do I need to handle this all objects in a list in one go or do I need to iterate through each one? Do I format above date in controller or JavaScript?

Here is my JavaScript:

<script type="text/javascript">
    j$ = jQuery.noConflict();
    j$(document).ready(function() {
        j$('#divTable').append('<table />');
    function getRemoteData(controllerParams) {
            function(result, event){
            if (event.status) {
                    j$('#divTable table').append('<tr> <td>' + results.Date__c +  '</td> </tr>');
                } else if (event.type === 'exception') {
                    document.getElementById("responseErrors").innerHTML = 
                        event.message + "<br/>\n<pre>" + event.where + "</pre>";
                } else {
                    document.getElementById("responseErrors").innerHTML = event.message;
            {escape: true}

Below us my controller method:

global static List<Deal__c> GetData(string someParam)
    return [Select Id, Name, Date__c from MyCustObj__c where myField__c = :someParam];

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You could either use some of the Javascript date format functions (i.e.)

var date = new Date(1324339200000);

date.toString("MMM dd"); // "Dec 20"


Change the return type of your remote action:

global static String[] GetData(string someParam)
    String[] results = New String[]{};
    for(MyCustObj__c o : [Select Id, Name, Date__c from MyCustObj__c where myField__c = :someParam]){
        if(o.Date__c != null) results.add(o.Date__c.format());

    return results;
  • This worked: var date = new Date(results.Date__c); results.Date__c = date.toLocaleDateString();
    – user569925
    Nov 17, 2015 at 15:27

I tried in a different way to show up for the format "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM"

Following is the code snippet:

    function formatDate(dateInMicroSeconds)
        var vDate = (new Date(dateInMicroSeconds)).toLocaleString().replace(', ',' ');
        vDate  = vDate.slice(0, vDate.indexOf(':') + 3) + vDate.slice(vDate .indexOf(':') + 6);
        window.console.log('vDate' + vDate);
        return vDate;

Hope it helps too!

for more details refer blog

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