Attempting to deploy a Mobile Push message from SFMC where the message dynamically updates based on the subscriber's Device Language attribute.

How do I retrieve the 'Mobile Push Demographics' attributes (specifically device language, and their attribute values) via AMP Scripting? Don't know which existing DE to point the LookUp function to. Do I need to define a custom DE for this uses case?

Trying to collect & set the subscriber's device language:

%%[VAR @devicelang]%% %%[SET @devicelang = Lookup("MobilePush Demographics", "Device Language")]%% The Device Language is '%%= v(@devicelang) =%%'

  • If devicelang is your attribute then try %%devicelang%% – Bill Mote Nov 18 '15 at 12:51

I believe this will work...

%%=Lookup("_PushAddressExtension", "DeviceLanguage", "DeviceId", DeviceID)=%%

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