I can't seem to get debug logs working for Change Set Validation in PROD. I have checked in the regular Debug Logs section and the Developer Console. They don't show up. The debug logs show up for everything else and I have the User Trace Flag levels FINEST for everything. Is there something I'm missing?

I have done research with the following links with no luck:

How to view the detailed debug log of the change set validation in production



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I noticed this comment by Don Friedricksen on the idea View debug log info for change set validation/deployment

I found that setting a debug log for "Automated Processes" and then running a validation on a change set DOES yield debug logs! Many of them - and change sets can be large. So the max debug log size is exceeded almost every time. Automated Processes debug logging can be a start - but it would be REALLY nice to have something configurable for change set debugging.

I tried, but my Apex logs when the validation progress was running showed up with the "EncryptableFieldUpserter" as the Operation under the user who initiated the validation.

enter image description here

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