say I have the following.

<apex:tabPanel  selectedTab="Tab 1"  >
            <apex:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1" id="tabOne" />
            <apex:tab label="Tab2" name="Tab2" id="tabOne" />
            <apex:tab label="Tab3" name="Tab3" id="tabOne" />

How do I center the tabs themselves? It seems to align left, and setting a style class for the tab panel doesn't seem to do anything.

How do I center it like this?


Hi Use headerAlignment attribute.

<apex:tabPanel headerAlignment="center">

use header alignment

<apex:page >

  <apex:tabPanel headerAlignment="center" selectedTab="Tab 1"  >
            <apex:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1"  />
            <apex:tab label="Tab2" name="Tab2"  />
            <apex:tab label="Tab3" name="Tab3" /> </apex:tabPanel>


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