I am in the process of writing numerous query activities and have written a simple SQL for getting bounce events.

SELECT SubscriberKey, EventDate, BounceType FROM _Bounce

When checking the syntax of this query, I am informed:

The query syntax is invalid

  • _Bounce is not a known data extension or system data view. You can only query existing data extensions or system data views.

However, the documentation for Bounce states that the data view name is _Bounce.

Additionally, the Query example documentation doesn't seem to maintain a constant capitalization of table names/attributes compared to the data views' documentation.

Does ExactTarget provide any accurate documentation of the schema of their data views?



You'll have to contact SFMC Support to have the System Data Views enabled.

Transact-SQL is not case-sensitive in the SFMC SQL Server 2005 environment.


Replace _Bounce with ent._bounce and it should work

  • SQL Server is not case-sensitive. – Adam Spriggs May 9 '16 at 11:11

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