Inside the css resource of a lightning component, is there a way to retrieve the various values that were set inside the branding editor ?

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For example, I would like to be able to do something similar to this

.THIS #MyCustomActionButton {
    background: [some token here that reference the blue Action Color];


  • can you not inspect element look for the color code and set as background in the css file. May be i am missing the point completely, what is the intent of getting such a color pointer? – Rao Nov 5 '15 at 23:28
  • 1
    If I wanted to publish a component on the app exchange, I would need to be able to match the styling of my component with that the end user selects, instead of having the user manually override the styling. – Olivier Lamothe Nov 6 '15 at 15:38

Right now, you won't be able to get those values directly. However, they are accessible via some css tokens that you can set on your components:

/* New classes available in Napili (only ActionColor is available in Koa/ Kokua) */

/* Action Color */
.THIS .betaTokenActionColorText {
   color: t(colorBrand);

.THIS .betaTokenActionColorBG {
   background-color: t(colorBrand);

.THIS .betaTokenActionColorBorder {
   border-color: t(colorBrand);

/* Action Color Darker */
.THIS .betaTokenActionColorDarkerText {
   color: t(colorBackgroundButtonBrandHover);

.THIS .betaTokenActionColorDarkerBG {
   background-color: t(colorBackgroundButtonBrandHover);

.THIS .betaTokenActionColorDarkerBGHover:hover {
background-color: t(colorBackgroundButtonBrandHover);

.THIS .betaTokenActionColorDarkerBorder {
   border-color: t(colorBackgroundButtonBrandHover);

/* Link Color */
.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorText {
   color: t(colorTextLink);

.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorBG {
   background-color: t(colorTextLink);

.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorBorder {
   border-color: t(colorTextLink);

/* Link Color Darker */
.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorDarkerText {
   color: t(colorTextLinkHover);

.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorDarkerBG {
   background-color: t(colorTextLinkHover);

.THIS .betaTokenLinkColorDarkerBorder {
   border-color: t(colorTextLinkHover);

/* Border Color */
.THIS .betaTokenBorderColorText {
   color: t(colorBorder);

.THIS .betaTokenBorderColorBG {
   background-color: t(colorBorder);

.THIS .betaTokenBorderColorBorder {
border-color: t(colorBorder);
  • When I try to save in my component .css file, I get an error that says : Failed to save undefined: No THEME named markup://[namespace]Theme found: Source Am I missing something ? Thanks ! – Olivier Lamothe Nov 16 '15 at 16:53
  • Olivier - You shouldn't be putting the content I posted directly in your component css. Its really meant to be a reference for the selectors available to your containers. So, for example, you have a border color of 'gray'. You could use <div class='betaTokenBorderColorText'></div> to make the text color in that container gray; you could use <div class='betaTokenBorderColorBG'></div> to make the background of that container gray...etc. – user26375 Nov 16 '15 at 17:17
  • Oh I see. Thanks ! Would be great if those token or less/sass function were directly available inside our components. – Olivier Lamothe Nov 16 '15 at 18:18
  • I'm not sure i understand how the workaround works, were you able to match context palette by using tokens on your component css? Are those tokens the "t(colorBrand)" on the css file? – andrea Feb 12 '16 at 13:35

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