I keep getting Malformed JSON: Expected '[' at the beginning of List/Set error.

Can someone please fix my wrapper class and controller for this JSON response to deserialize it?


    "DataID": "523836000002",
    "DisplayName": "Joe Buddy Guy (W380)",
    "AnotherId": "00010567463",
    "Restrictions": [{
        "Id": 130,
        "From": "2015-07-01T00:00:00",
        "To": "2016-12-31T00:00:00",
        "Reason": "Owner Use"
    "Allocations": [{
        "Year": 2015,
        "Points": 500000
        "Year": 2016,
        "Points": 500000

Here is my current wrapper:

    public class wrapper {

    public class responseResource {

        public String DataID{get; set;}
        public String DisplayName {get; set;}
        public String AnotherId{get; set;}
        public List<aItems> Allocations {get;set;}
        public List<rItems> Restrictions {get;set;}


    public class aItems {

        public Integer Year {get; set;}
        public Integer Points {get; set;}


    public class rItems {

        public Integer Id {get; set;}
        public String From {get; set;}
        public String To {get; set;}
        public String Reason {get; set;}



Here is my current Controller:

public class wrapper_Controller {

public List<wrapper>ConsoleWrapperList{get; set;}
public List<wrapper>getperformCallout(){

ConsoleWrapperList = new List<wrapper>();

HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
HttpResponse res = new HttpResponse();

Http http = new Http();

res = http.send(req);

if(res.getStatusCode() == 200 && res.getBody() != null){

ConsoleWrapperList = (List<wrapper>)json.deserialize(res.getBody(),List<wrapper>.class); 


return ConsoleWrapperList;



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The root element of the JSON is an object not an array/list so the JSON code should be:

public wrapper.responseResource data {get; set;}


data = (wrapper.responseResource) JSON.deserialize(

with the JSON.deserialize in a method.


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