I created an e-mail template, of Paste HTML type, with the code below:

    <style type="text/css">
    <p class="teste1">TEMPLATE PARAGRAPH
    <custom type="content" name="Mail content">     
    <custom name="opencounter" type="tracking">

After I created an e-mail, using the email template above, with the code below:

<p class="test2">CONTENT PARAGRAPH</p>

On all e-mails present by ExactTarget the use of css classes are respected. When the e-mail come to my gmail inbox, it comes in a plain text (without CSS formatting) and I can't figure out why!

Someone can help me with this issue or assure that only inline styles work on ExactTarget e-mails and template e-mails?


This isn't necessarily a SFMC/ExactTarget issue. Could be just be a Gmail thing. I'd refer to the Campaign Monitor The Ultimate Guide to CSS for CSS compatibility between mail clients, to make sure. If you do a lot of this kind of thing, you can't beat Litmus for render testing.

You can also just start with a Responsive Email Pattern, which is part of the excellent Responsive Email Resources site.

There are some instances in SFMC where rendering is different in Send Preview test sends vs actual sends (using a Guided Send or User-Initiated Send). SFMC headers and footers are usually the culprit. You might check those under Admin.


As far as I know GMAIL strips the header tag, so placing the style tag within give you the expected result - no styling.

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