I am not able to find how to change the Title for our community site. The browser tab just shows Koa Template Title when you load up the site, then the salesforce favicon + (Page Title) after a few seconds.

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  • did you find an answer to override the default title. If not I have something close but do not think you can suppress it. The KOA Title loads by default and there is a JS file from salesforce(aura) that replaces your custom title. I know you can override css but JS cannot be messed with in communities
    – Rao
    Nov 12, 2015 at 17:03

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According to Salesforce Support this functionality is by design and there is no known workaround. I recommend voting for the following Idea and hope that Salesforce takes action:



Could not be an answer but I have no option to show images in the comments:

My community is on KOA

enter image description here

I am able to set my custom page title from the Property Editor for the page

click on the page drop down choose the desired page: click on the pages symbol

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • I have the page title set also. It only shows Koa Template Title for about 2-3 seconds then displays the Page Title defined in Community Builder. My question was not specific to that. I updated it.
    – Allen Mann
    Nov 11, 2015 at 2:59

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You will have to do it via JavaScript.

  • Can you please provide more information or maybe a solution of how that can be done? Nov 12, 2015 at 22:25
  • 1
    I have checked internally and confirmed this is not possible at the moment.
    – PepeFloyd
    Nov 12, 2015 at 22:36

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