I have a VisualForce page for "New Case" and should use it only for special Profiles. On the another hand, I have Standard Page Layout for "New Case" for other Profiles.

To accomplish this, I've made my custom Visualforce Page as default "New Case" view (in Buttons, Links, and Actions). I added this action attribute to my page tag:

action="{!if(OR($Profile.Name =='test', $Profile.Name =='test2'), 
    null , urlFor($Action.Case.NewCase, null, null, true))}"

So my test Profiles see Custom VF page, and other Profiles will see standard Page layout.

Problems starts in console...

If I disable my VF page (all go through Page Layout) then I can see these columns:

Service Console Screenshot

but if I use my VF page, then these columns disappear. But I need them, especially suggested articles...

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