I recently had an install of our managed package fail with the message:

Custom Relationship Limit Exceeded
Cannot create new relationship. Each object can have no more than 25 custom relationships, including Master-Detail and Lookup relationships.

I understand the root cause of this message. By default each object is limited to 25 relationship fields and if I put the business case to Salesforce support this "soft" limit can be increased. See Custom Fields Allowed Per Object.

My issue is that it isn't immediately apparent which sObject I should be asking to have the limit increased on.

Is there an easy way to figure out which sObject* is causing this error?
* Or possibly which multiple sObjects are causing the error.

Failing that, are there any native or third party tools I can use to quickly check the current limit status of the client Org?

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If you raise a case with Salesforce they can obtain more detailed error messages of app install problems which should then tell you which object needs to have its limit increased. I recently had an issue with a package where the message told me nothing useful, once I got hold of the actual error from Salesforce it was a trivial fix.

  • +1 as this is definitely a viable solution for determining the cause. It does have the downside of waiting for support to get back to you. I'll leave this open for a bit to see if there are any alternative solutions. Commented Mar 20, 2013 at 7:11
  • Yeah the wait isn't good. This method does work better if you hit up Reid though ;)
    – Matt Lacey
    Commented Mar 20, 2013 at 8:12

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