Has anybody ever tried using Google Static Map API or something similar to generate dynamic map images to be used within HTML emails?

There's over 2k store locations and I'm wanting to avoid manually creating map images for each one. I'm hoping to use some sort of static map api that'll allow me to use the store address I'm pulling in from a data extension to populate a dynamic map image that's created at the time of send.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks is much appreciated. Thanks everyone.

  • Unfortunately Google Static Map API will soon be deprecated. However, implementation of it seems pretty straightforward. What have you tried?
    – Adrian Larson
    Oct 29, 2015 at 17:19

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I've used the Google Image Charts API in an SFMC email before, but that's since been deprecated. If there's a completely URL-based service (like placehold.it for example), sure, you can use it. If it requires any kind of client-side JS, then I don't think it'd be possible.

Another option is to create your own web service outside of SFMC that returns an image. You'll have a lot more flexibility that way. Then you can just reference the images as the src or utilize the httpget() AMPScript function to return data.

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