We have some escalation rules setup and also field tracking on the Escalated field. But though a case is updated to not meet escalation criteria after the first level of escalation, I've never seen the IsEscalated field turn to false.

Does it happen? Does a case remain escalated always once it is escalated?

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It appears that Salesforce default behaviour has now changed - If a case is updated to no longer meet the criteria of the escalation, the case de-escalates. This behaviour has been confirmed by Salesforce support as expected.

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  • is there a documentation link they provided? – Vid L Feb 24 '15 at 17:32
  • Unfortunately not. However, this can be confirmed by testing in our org. If a case no longer meets the criteria of an escalation rule, the escalation rules return "false" when re-evaluated and the case is de-escalated. However, If anybody is seeing different behaviour, that would be really interesting to hear about. – Bigears Feb 26 '15 at 9:19

Yes, the case remains escalated. This is the default behaviour.

However, you can have a workflow or trigger which changes the IsEscalated field back to false based on some condition. I've tried this just now.

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