I'm trying to deploy via the Force.com migration tool from a Heroku server. My project includes v35.0 of ant-salesforce.jar. But when the app launches the build, I get an error:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError com.sforce.soap.metadata.DeployOptions.setTestLevel(Lcom/sforce/soap/metadata/TestLevel;)

I'm not explicitly setting the test level. Wouldn't the "deploy" and "setTestLevel" methods be in the same jar? If not, what are ant-salesforce's dependencies? Any hints on debugging?

  • Turns out I had a mismatch in API versions between ant-salesforce.jar and another component. Moving to API version 31.0 fixed the issue. – Steve Cox Oct 29 '15 at 14:30

You need to download ant salesforce.jar file which is required for the deployment and salesforce version is affecting only when you move the different versions of apex classes.enter image description here

Please let me know if any deployment related questions.

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