My managed package EXTENSION is extending the package BASE. BASE contains object CustomObject__c with picklist field pkl_Status__c.

In EXTENSION I add some new RecordTypes for CustomObject__c and some picklist values for pkl_Status__c per RecordType.

All of that seems to get packaged and uploaded but...in after installation none of the added picklist values can be found in the target org.

Did I miss to package something or this this not possible at all?


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I guess this section of the documentation "Special Behavior of Components in Packages" explains why:

During a package upgrade, no new picklist values are installed into the subscriber’s organization for existing fields. Any picklist values deleted by the developer are still available in the subscriber’s organization.

I was just upgrading an org which had my managed package already installed, so the new Picklist values were not added.

  • Exactly right. Once you install a package updates or extensions will never change the values because they're subscriber mutable. There's no obviously correct way to merge these changes, so salesforce doesn't try. Commented Oct 28, 2015 at 16:52

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