I have had a number of clients asking about Visual Workflow. Most questions so far have to do with:

  • How do I upload files?
  • How do I show related tasks and cases to the lookup I just completed

The only thing I have come up with so far is using JavaScript to interrogate the DOM to pull reference ID's after a lookup has been completed. Same idea would be applied to know which record to attach a file to. I would do this by binding the submit button on an embedded flow in a visualforce page.

This seems awfully hackish, anyone have any better ideas?

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You can embed Flows in Visualforce Pages as you said.

This would allow you to upload files as part of a flow. The upload of the Attachment or Document would sit outside the flow in the VF Page, and the ParentID for the Attach/Document you could pull from the Record ID's out of the Flow via the Apex Controller.

The Visualforce Pages Controller has access to the Fields (Attributes / Variables) in your Flow.

This would enable you to both perform the File Uploads and Display the related Tasks & Accounts as components in the VF Page alongisde the flow, populating as appropriate from values in the Flow.

This approach would not require you to do a hack with Javascript.


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