I want to customize the error msg which comes like: when i give wrong format of email id to email field so on below the fields error appear Error: Invalid Email Address.

at the same time in debug log this appears :
VF_PAGE_MESSAGE|Invalid Email Address.
VF_PAGE_MESSAGE|Email: Invalid Email Address.

is there a way to get these message in some variable so i can show them in my customize UI ? as well i want to render a particular section of page based on some variable, that variable should know does it have a exception/validation message or not.


You can access all validation messages of the current context by using this code


which return a list of Apex.Message Object. You can use this in your controller to write a debug log or to customize the display of your message without using the default component

<apex:messages />


<apex:message />
  • Here problem comes, bcz for field validation, controller is not called. So we can't use ApexPages.getMessages(). – Ankuli Oct 27 '15 at 5:26
  • I thing I'm not getting you. Salesforce validate data only upon an save operation. And this Can not be done in VF without a call to a controller action. If you only want client side validation , I thing you will have to implement it manually because I dont know a way to access salesforce validation messages without a save context. – Genoud Magloire Oct 27 '15 at 6:13

Put an <apex:messages /> tag on your page. You can style it as you want.


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