With Winter'16 Upgrade, I see fluctuation in behavior of Salesforce

Using Ipad (Safari Browser) - When logged in, it automatically take me lightingin-forceinstead of showing desktop version of Salesforce, that too happens only in 2/5 sandboxes we own

Safari Browser Loading Emulator on Login

Using Ipad (Chrome Browser) - On login, we landup on Desktop version of Salesforce in ipad.

Google Chrome Browser Loads Desktop Version of SFDC

Question : What setting should I be changing to make behavior consistent on devices.

So far couldn't get a proper documentation on this behavior

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On Enabling setting with these steps

  • From Setup, click Mobile Administration > Salesforce1 > Settings.
  • Select Enable the Salesforce1 browser app to allow all users in your organization to access the app.
  • Deselect this option to turn off access to the app. Click Save.

After enabling, SFDC only enables for Safari not for Chrome, I learned chrome in not a supported browser for iOS (devices)

See below Chrome not Listed

Read more details here

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