I got error like this :

[System.UnexpectedException: field 'IKAM_Year__c' can not be grouped in a query call]

how can I resolve this error? can anybody help me.


public Month[] getMonths() {
    Month[] months = new Month[] {};
    for (AggregateResult ar : [select count(Id) ,IKAM_Year__c,Countries_delivered_volume__c from IKAM_Data__c
                                              group by IKAM_Year__c, Countries_delivered_volume__c LIMIT 10                        
    ]) {                                        
        months.add(new Month((Decimal )ar.get('IKAM_Year__c'),(Decimal)ar.get('Countries_delivered_volume__c')));
    return months;

From the SOQL documentation on Considerations When Using GROUP BY,

Some object fields have a field type that does not support grouping. You can't include fields with these field types in a GROUP BY clause. The Field object associated with DescribeSObjectResult has a groupable field that defines whether you can include the field in a GROUP BY clause

Specifically, you could see whether or not your field is able to be used with GROUP BY by running the following code:

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