I have a button that needs to open in the Service Console, and here is my javascript, any ideas? This is a new error and I am not sure how to handle, that is stopping a lot of activities


Cannot read property 'getEnclosingPrimaryTabId of undefined


try { 
var query = "SELECT Id,Name,Contact__r.Name FROM TripProfile__c WHERE Trip__c = '{!Trip__c.Id}'"; 
var tripprofile = sforce.connection.query(query); 
var tripProfileArr = tripprofile.getArray("records"); 
if(typeof tripProfileArr === 'undefined' || tripProfileArr.length === 0 ) 
alert('There is no Trip Profile built yet'); 
}else if (typeof(srcUp) === 'function'){ 
var url = '/apex/tripprofile?tpid=' + tripProfileArr[0].Id; 
var callOpenSubtab = function callOpenSubtab(result) { 
sforce.console.openSubtab(result.id, '/apex/tripprofile?tpid=' + tripProfileArr[0].Id + '&isdtp=vw', true, 'TP - ' + tripProfileArr[0].Contact__r.Name); 
} else { 
var url = '/apex/tripprofile?tpid=' + tripProfileArr[0].Id; 
} catch (e) { 

sforce.console is in the Console Integration Toolkit's script along with that method you're trying to call: getEnclosingPrimaryTabId.

It looks like you're only loading the Ajax Toolkit. (connection.js & apex.js)

If you add the console integration toolkit to your button, you should be good to go.



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