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System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Error is in expression '{!Submit}' in component in page vfp_updateaddress_policyparty_peracc: Class.UpdateAddress_PolicyParty_PerAcc.Submit: line 99, column 1

Class.UpdateAddress_PolicyParty_PerAcc.Submit: line 99, column 1

Code snippet which is throwing error:

Public List<Account> AccUpdate{get;set;}
 List<Account> Acc_Uplst = [select id,PersonContactId from Account where PersonContactId = :PersnId]; 
 for(Account acc : Acc_Uplst){
                acc.Pending_Mailing_City__c = City;
                acc.Pending_Mailing_State__c = State;
                acc.Pending_Mailing_Street__c = Street;
                acc.Pending_Mailing_Zip_Code__c = Decimal.ValueOf(PostalCode);

                Update AccUpdate;

I'm assuming the error is AccUpdate.add(acc);, this would happen because you've not yet initialized that variable. Make sure you add this line before your for loop starts:

AccUpdate = new Account[0];

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