I have a Visualforce page and I'm using the standard controller for the quote object. I added a custom field to the Quote object, QuoteContact, which is a lookup data type. Everything looks good on Salesforce Quote page, but on a separate VF page I need to display the name, phone number, and email for the Contact.

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I have tried various options unsuccessfully. In short, {!quote.QuoteContact__c} will display the contact ID, but if I try to access any of the properties, e.g.{!quote.QuoteContact__c.name}, then I get an error:

Error: Unknown property 'String.name'

Using an outputField tag, <apex:outputField value="{!quote.QuoteContact__c}" />, displays the name as a clickable link, but I don't want this to be in the form of a link, and I also need the email and phone number.

Can anyone help with this? This seems like it should be pretty straight forward, but I can't get it to work.


The field you are accessing is on the parent and you need to access it through __r notation instead of __c.

Use {quote.QuoteContact__r.field_api} and this should work.

Let me know if any other help needed. :)

Thank You.


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