Unfortunately, I get the following error while try to save changes to a class,

Failed to create createContainerMember for containerId=1dc19000000BE6AAAW: This container member belongs to a container that currently has an unfinished save request with deploymentId=1dr19000000e9gQ. You may not modify any members in this container until it completes.: Metadata Container ID

I tried the solution mentioned here Developer console cannot save classes/triggers/pages though it worked for the first time and then the trick stopped working.

Anybody has a solution for this?


Try going to the the Progress Tab in the Developer Console and click on Cancel all deployments. This worked for me.

Failed to create deployment: This container has a save in progress with deploymentId=[YOUR-DEPLOYMENT-ID]

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Create a new Developer Console workspace. From the Developer Console, select Workspace > New Workspace. Enter a name for your new workspace, and then click OK.

Delete your corrupted workspace: a. From the Developer Console, select Workspace > Workspace Manager. b. Highlight your corrupted workspace. c. Click Delete

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  • Thanks. I also just closed the developer console with the file unsaved, reloaded it and then was able to save that way. – Jim Factor May 6 '18 at 2:05

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