I am trying to do an extract via the CLI of dataloader and getting an error when I run my process.bat.

Here is error message when running process.bat on csvAccountExtractProcess in the process-conf file:enter image description here

Below is my process-conf.xml file: enter image description here

SOQL statement that got cutoff:

select id, name, owner.termination_date__c, owner.profile.name, owner.name, owner.managerid, owner.userrole.name from account where owner.termination_date__c <= today and owner.userrole.name like 'wws%' and owner.isactive = false

I'm not sure if my directories are setup correctly so including quick structure view:

System (C:)

  -Data Loader

If any additional info is required, please do not hesitate to let me know. I really appreciate the help! Thanks!

  • it generates log files when cli is run. please check the same for more detailed error message.
    – Asif K
    Oct 20, 2015 at 21:17

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You have to move the dataloader-33.0.0-uber.jar to be in Data Loader/ folder and it should work fine.

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