I am trying to create an excel sheet of all fields for all of my Salesforce custom objects. I need to include each field's API Name, field label, and data type.

However, when I do a bulk export using the Salesforce data loader, all that it exports is the API name of the field. The rest I currently have to look up in Salesforce and enter manually, which takes u a lot of time.

Are there any alternatives to Data Loader that would allow me to a bulk export of my field information, including each field's API Name, field label, and data type?

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There's a free Salesforce Lab that allows you to convert your objects and fields into data you can export in a report to Excel or any other spreadsheet program. There are a number of minor typos in labels and so on, but the code itself works flawlessly to export data. I am not the author of this package, but I have found it useful in the past. There are other alternatives as well, some paid, some free, if you need more power than that lab offers.


I managed to track down an app for this from a related question (that did not appear when I first decided to post this).


Did the job very easily and well. I'm now looking to find a similar one for exporting workflow rules to excel.


I've used Field Trip for this use case.

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