I have created a new page and populated it with components. Now I want to add a new menu topic and assign the page to it, so when it's clicked the page will be loaded.

When adding a menu item, for the type are 4 options

  • Salesforce Object
  • Internal URL
  • External URL
  • Navigation Topic

I think Internal URL sounds most promising, but what is the URL of my page, which I have named test1 ? Or does this work differently?


Internal URL is the right choice. You define the URL when you create the page

enter image description here

Later if you want to see or edit the URL, pick the page from the Page-Picklist in the top and then make just sure, that under PAGE STRUCTURE the page-name itself is selected. You see the Name and URL (editable) in the property editor at the right sidebar. The URL is labeled Vanity URL

enter image description here

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