Since last Wednesday one of my schedules jobs (future calendar) does not execute but it schedules next time.I tried to remove and create again the job but was the same. If I execute the Batch manually everything is ok. What can be the problem?

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Important: Salesforce schedules the class for execution at the specified time. Actual execution may be delayed based on service availability.

The problem is not the time because in my case when it has to be executed the batch doesnt fire, but do schedule it to next day at the same hour.

Important: Until Wednesday worked fine.

 GRP_ScheduleBatchFutureCalendar schedule = new GRP_ScheduleBatchFutureCalendar();
string sch = '0 00 23 ? * *';
system.schedule('Future Calendar', sch, schedule);
  • Luckly the schedule work again without change anything. It could be a little bug of the plattform – lopez.regalado.fj Oct 18 '15 at 12:20

I ran into a similar issue recently. A scheduled job that queried 500,000 records sometimes showed up as "Aborted" under "Apex Jobs" in Setup. However, it worked fine when the schedule job was launched via apex in the Developer Console.

My best guess as to what was happening is that the Query sometimes timed out.

We tried adding additional conditions in the Where clause, but it still only worked intermittently. Ultimately, we changed the architecture to avoid calling it as a scheduled job.

Hope this info helps.

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