I know that you can create community sites based on a pre-packaged template (Kokua, Koa, Napili, Aloha) or just create a visualforce-based community. For the pre-packaged templates, is there a way to put your own buttons and visualforce code in these templates, or are you limited to customizing these based off what's offered in the community builder only?

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You can not use Visualforce code in these templates. So themes like (Kokua, Koa, Napili, Aloha) templates let you quickly and easily build a self-service community that gives customer the same visual and functional customer experience weather they use tablet or mobile.

As per documentation :

Community Builder makes it super easy to customize your community. Simply edit a few of the components to include information about your community, add a few images to extend your branding, and you’re ready to go without any coding! Additionally.

if you want a more customer experience, you can create custom pages, add components to pages, use custom Lightning components, and expose additional Salesforce objects.

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