I have a requirement to capture data in offline mode and sync it when online. I do not want to use Salesforce Offline . I want to use Salesforce1 offline , which right now has read only capabilities. So is it possible to develop a lightning component that captures data , caches it and pushes to objects when online ?

Any pointers ? Any help is greatly appreciated ? Thanks


OOPS sorry just saw the documentation , lightning pages wont be served in offline mode



If the goal is to somehow wire in your lightning component to use the offline storage in the Salesforce1 Mobile App, then currently there is no ready-made option.

But in the same fashion that you can build a Visualforce page as part of a Hybrid Remote mobile app, you could do the same with Lightning Components. In this case you would be building your own mobile app, that would request a Lightning Components app, which then used cordova to access device features.

If I was tackling this, I think the first approach I would take would be to fire up a hybrid remote visualforce app using Mobile SDK, then reverse-engineer the visualforce scaffolding and libraries to see if I could get the mobile app to request my lightning app.

If you get that basic scaffolding in place you could then use the SmartStore feature for your offline data.

I do know of some developers who have spoken of this, and as I said, this is not exactly what you're asking for, but it seemed worth mentioning it as an option.

  • Thanks Peter. I gave up on this . As suggested will roll out a quick app mostly using ionic to see this. Oct 13 '15 at 23:39


Table says clearly that lightning pages are not available for offline use.

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