My company is just starting to implement Communities. We are using Koa as a public facing knowledge site. We will not being using community licenses for logging in. Everything will be public facing for now. Our current issue is the speed of the site, 10-20 second load up times. That is simply un-usable... Has anyone found a remedy to this? I have tried a 3 day page caching rule and saw a bit of an improvement. But honestly, more than 2-5 second load time is still unacceptable.

I am hoping that with the ability in Winter '16 to build lightning components I can modify the queries in the components on the front page to be more efficient (safe harbor =).

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Winter '16 Lightning Templates seems to have cleared up speed issues.

  • Allen - what about the Napili template? I'm seeing exactly the same thing and I've updated to the Winter 16 templates.
    – GBreavin
    Commented Dec 1, 2015 at 0:46

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