I am trying to use the "Triggered Send" feature through the V5 connector between SFDC and SFMC, specifically on the Lead object.

I manage to activate the Triggered Send only when the email does not contain any personalisation fields. As soon as I add a field, as simple as %%Email%%, the triggered sends fails to activate.

Is it necessary to create a data extension first in SFMC to indicate which fields will be transported from SFDC ?

Many thanks for your help.


Yes - during the merge process if the triggered send isnt associated with a DE it does not know where to extract the data from.

If you set the DE related to the trigger and it contains a field with that name it will merge in that content when you call the API. We use it for a few complex API and it inserts into the DE when the trigger is called. You just have to make sure the payload is structured correctly.

  • How do scope fields to be included in the payload? I get the data extension part, but I don't see anything regarding how to include custom object fields in the TSD call – jimxclarke Nov 1 '16 at 18:00

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