I am trying to write a trigger or wf for a field to be updated if a Multi-select picklist has more than one value. Any suggestions on how to write if the multi-select has more than one value

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    In Apex you can split the field on ';' (the separator used in multi-select picklist selections) and check the size of the result. – Keith C Oct 7 '15 at 14:05
  • Depending on the length of the Multi-select, you could also assess the content of the field for actual values. However, that would also require modifications to the trigger every time a new value is added to the the list. – HomerJ Oct 7 '15 at 14:10

As Keith C and HomerJ said you can write something like this. Hope this helps.

trigger UpdateOpportunity on Opportunity (before insert, before update){    
    for(Opportunity opp :Trigger.new){ 

        // MultiSelect Fields are a single String with values delimited by a semi-colon
        // DeliveryInstallationStatus__c is a Picklist (Multi-Select)
        String[] deliveryArray = opp.DeliveryInstallationStatus__c.split(';');
            // Write your logic here

Multiselect Picklist values are de-limited by a semi-colon ";" .To get expected result, add the field values to a string/list and split the string/list to get the count of multiselect picklist values. Below example shows a Opportunity Trigger to get the count of multiselect picklist values.

    if(Trigger.isupdate || Trigger.isinsert){

         for(Opportunity opp : Trigger.new){

            system.debug('----MultiSelect Picklist Values----'+ opp.OpportunityProductLog__c);
            List<String> lstOpportunityMultiselectPicklist = opp.OpportunityProductLog__c.split(';');
            system.debug('----List Size ----'+ lstOpportunityMultiselectPicklist .size());
            if(!lstOpportunityMultiselectPicklist.isEmpty() && lstOpportunityMultiselectPicklist.size() > 1)

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