I'm trying to check if some fields on the lookup records are filled in(not null).

I have a custom lookup field on Lead to Account, let's call it Some_Account__c. I also have a custom button on Lead and when a user clicks on it I want to make a check if all required fields are filled in(note: by required I mean that they are only required at the moment of clicking the button, so they can possibly be empty).

Here's the code snippet of that button:

if ({!OR( ISNULL( Lead.Some_Account__r.My_Custom_Field_1__c ) ,ISNULL( Lead.Some_Account__r.My_Custom_Field_2__c ))}) {
    alert('please fill in the required fields');

So basically I check if any of those fields is empty, and if at least one of them is, I want to show an alert.

However, I get the following error:

Error: Field Lead.Some_Account__r.My_Custom_Field_1__c does not exist. Check spelling.

So the question is: can I somehow access the fields of the lookup records with JavaScript custom button?

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Relationship is not available in your javascript so there are 2 solution of this issue.

  1. Create a formula field on Lead object and then test that value inside javascript (IF(!Lead.YOURFORMULAFIELDFROMACCOUNT))

  2. Use Javascript api if you are familiar with to get Account fields

    var contactCheck = sforce.connection.query("SELECT MY_CUSTOM_FIELD__C FROM ACCOUNT WHERE ID = '{!LEAD.Some_Account__c}' limit 1");

    records = contactCheck.getArray("records");


    alert('Field is empty');

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